Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to funerals, we understand that there are many things you will want to know.

Please call us if there is anything else you want to know. We are always happy to help.

When someone dies, what do I do?

If the death is unexpected, call 111. Otherwise, ring your family doctor, who will attend the death and issue a medical certificate. Once this has happened, call Fountains Papakura 09 298 2957 or Pukekohe 09 238 2221 and we will send a funeral director to pick up your loved one. If the death occurs at a rest home, hospital or hospice, the nursing staff organise these first steps for you. The funeral director will usually discuss a time to sit down and discuss funeral arrangements when they arrive.

Can I have a different kind of funeral?

Due to cultural, religious and individual needs, at Fountains we understand that funerals are not a case of “one size fits all.” We will work with you to enable you to have a farewell that is exactly right for you.

Should children attend the funeral?

Dealing with the death of someone close is difficult at any age. Children and teenagers grieve too, although they may express it different ways. Children may appreciate being involved because it helps them to feel they are sharing their grief and honouring the person who has died. Just being there can help them understand what has happened and what it means.

At Fountains, we have a children’s room available with toys, books and change facilities.

Do we need even a funeral?

It's a personal opinion whether to have a funeral or not. Everyone copes with grief and death differently. Have a watch of  'Why Funerals Matter' video.

Can I have my loved one at home?

Yes, of course. For some families, it really important to spend time with their loved one in a familiar and comfortable environment. It is our company policy that for safety, hygiene and comfort reasons that anyone going home must be embalmed.

Who officiates the funeral?

There are no restrictions on this. A funeral can be taken by a celebrant or minister or even a friend or member of the family.

Do I have to have a religious service?

No, this is purely a matter of personal preference.

How do I write a Eulogy?

Please see 'How to write a Eulogy' under Arranging a Funeral.

Who should talk at a funeral?

Anyone that you want. Sometimes, there is an open forum, where anyone who wants to is invited to speak. However you could also choose to ask representatives from each specific part of your loved ones life to speak. For example, a work mate, a club caption, the grandchildren, a mentor etc etc.

Can I have an eco-friendly funeral?

Due to our lack of natural cemeteries and alternatives to cremation, eco-funerals in New Zealand are not the easiest but there are things you can do to minimise your funeral’s impact on our planet such as eco casket options, sourcing local flowers and in season food for your catering. Talk to us about the options you can choose that will assist in impacting the environment less.

Can we just run the funeral ourselves?

Yes, you can. However, be mindful that you may be adding more stress to an already stressful situation. Our role is to take care of the details in order to allow you the time and space you may need.

Can a funeral director come to make the funeral arrangements at our home?

Yes of course. We understand this is a difficult time and it can feel overwhelming with so many decisions to make. We will be happy to come and visit you at any time.

Can I plan my own funeral?

Yes, you can. Download our information pack here to get some ideas, and you can record your wishes here. Alternatively, you can phone one of funeral directors, they will talk you through all your options.

What happens to my ashes after cremation?

Ashes become available approximately two working days after the cremation and can be collected from us any time after then.

When is the death certificate available?

The details of death must be registered within three days of the burial or cremation. This is usually the responsibility of the Funeral Director. The certificate is then sent to Fountains within 7-10 days. We then forward it on to the family.

Where can I have the funeral service?

There are a number of options in Auckland if you do not have your own church. The service can be held in one of our chapels’, in your own home or garden, or in the chapels of the various cemeteries and crematoriums throughout Auckland. Our funeral directors can liaise with the crematoriums and book these facilities for you.

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