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The difference between a funeral and memorial service is that the deceased person is not present

There are many reasons that a memorial service could be a more practical option – perhaps people need more time to get there or, more recently, Covid-19 restrictions have meant we have not been able to have big services. But a memorial service can still have great significance in honouring and farewelling someone you love.

To personalise a memorial service, of the following ideas might be helpful at this time...


A nice large photo of your loved one provides a strong focus and you could include several others from stages of their life.

What do they enjoy?

Did they have a favourite food? Maybe it could be added to the display—or if they loved to cook, a special recipe could be given out.

Personal effects

Did they have a favourite garment of clothing that they loved to wear? It could be nice to have it on display.

Interests & Hobbies

What did they love to do? Knitting, painting, fishing, hiking, any personal effects they have used could be on display. For a mechanic, it could be a selection of his tools, a horse-racing enthusiast could have a copy of Best Bets or a keen gardener could have the gardening tools they loved to use.

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